Thursday, August 28, 2014

Josie Runs a 5K

See that little girl in the purple shirt on the left-hand side of the above photo?  That's my Josie, running her first 5K race.  

Every year the Block Island Medical Center holds a 5k Fun Run from Town Beach up to Mansion Beach and back again.  

Our family has always watched the race (from the lazy comfort of our beach chairs), but we've never participated in the event and Gordy decided that this year would be different.  

Right before Gordy left the house to go register, Josie announced that she wanted to run the race, too.

It was a cold, cloudy day and not the best day for hanging out at the beach.  We based our entire morning on waiting for Josie and Gordy to run past and then waiting for them to return from the finish line.  

If it had just been Gordy running, I would not have expected this entire activity to take very long.... but with Josie running, I assumed we could be waiting most of the morning and perhaps part of the afternoon.

So you can imagine my surprise when Gordy and Josie sprinted by me about 20 minutes after the race began!

Georgia, Henry and I were waiting at the turn-around spot on Mansion Beach.  We got to see the runners coming and then heading back to the finish line.

Josie was keeping up and I was impressed.

And she looked like she was having a blast!

After they passed us and made their way back the 2.5K of the beach to the race's end, we were left with not much to do.  It was way too cold to go into the water and even wrapped in blankets, the wind was making our time by the water rather uncomfortable.  

The Running Elliots did not run the 2.5K BACK to where we were sitting, instead they walked slowly and it took a long, long time for them to return to our spot so we could leave.

I snapped some celebratory photos and then we high-tailed it out of there.

Next year, if they run again and it's a cloudy day, I think we'll meet them with the car at the finish line.

Just a thought.


Gordy said...

For the record, Josie and I finished in 28:30. I was really surprised with her speed!

Sean G said...

That is great! Congrats to the runners!

Angie said...

How awesome! She looked like she was having an absolute blast too :)

Laura said...

Wow, Josie could be a runner in the making! How awesome.

Martha said...

Thanks Gords - It's good to have a record of her time!

Martha said...

Josie says thanks, Sean!

Martha said...

Angie - I know! She certainly doesn't get a love of running from me! I never run unless I'm being chased!

Martha said...

Laura - Maybe! Josie talks about running it again and she was very proud to show off her paper number. I was very impressed!

Cathrine Knol said...

That's very impressive! Looks like she's having great fun.

Martha said...

Cathrine - Josie had such a great time. Maybe she'll shock us all and become a lifelong runner.

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