Thursday, August 7, 2014


After our rapid tour of Cape Cod, the kids and I headed up to Maine to visit Granny, Grandfather and Nelly.  We had an important agenda to follow:  we wanted to relax, visit with our family and go as many times as we could to the local swimming hole.  

Instead of The Day-Trip Summer, I should call this The Swimming Hole Summer.  I'm pretty sure that Henry and Georgia have sampled every pond and watering hole in New England at this point.

We arrived late afternoon on Friday and immediately went to swim.  Henry brought along his camera (again) and the kids took turns filming themselves leaping off the diving platform.

I'll write more about what else we did while we were in Maine in later posts, but you should all be aware that we definitely checked The Swimming Hole off our to-do list.


Angie said...

Sounds like you have some waterdogs on your hands :)

Martha said...

Angie - Yes! That's a perfect description!

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