Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rachel Carson's Salt Pond Preserve

After two weeks at Marine Biology Camp, Henry is now a Certified Scuba Diver.  (After 14 years as a Henry, he is also a Certified Curmudgeon but that's another story.  Of course, in all fairness, he'd say that after 14 years of being a parent, I am a Certified Royal Pain and Nag.)

Anyway... scuba diving practice was not in the cards while we were visiting the Grandparents, but snorkling definitely was.  We checked the tide clock at Granny's house, estimated the perfect time to go to Rachel Carson's Salt Pond Preserve with the snorkle gear and made our way to the shore.  

.... at exactly the wrong time for good snorkling.  The water was way too shallow to swim in - especially for a 5' 6" teenage boy.  We did a few more mental calculations and decided to make a return trip the next morning during higher tide but in the meantime, we made do.  

Rachel Carson was an avid scientist and environmentalist.  She studied marine wildlife at this beautiful Salt Pond in coastal Maine.  It's a fabulous place (both high and low tides) for children who love to explore the sea and search for marine critters.  You can read more about the Preserve by clicking below:

Somewhere hidden amongst our thousands of digital photos, we have a picture of all three of our children sitting on one of these rocks, quietly staring out to sea.  We used the photo to make that tide clock that I mentioned above which is fabulous but only if the people reading said clock really pay attention to what it says.   

Henry and Josie looked for marine wildlife and waded in the pond.

Josie found a pretty piece of seaweed...

.... that she decided would work perfectly as hair extensions.

Do you like my long, beautiful hair?

I didn't much care about our poor timing.  How could you be upset when you are staring at such a wonderful view?

It's impossible.

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