Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rainy Days

I designated a recent Wednesday as Josie Day at our house.  Being the youngest can be hard sometimes.  Josie is always being dragged to her siblings various doctor's appointments and sporting practices and while Henry and Georgia are both old enough to stay home alone on occasion, Josie is too young to be left on her own accord.  The two older children are also at the age where they make their own plans to meet up with friends and then - miraculously - they ride their bikes or walk to those activities.  It's pretty great, actually.

Josie still needs a little help in this department.  I called the mother of Josie's good friend Eva, and asked if we could take Eva for the day.  I figured they could play for an hour or so at our house and then I'd take them out to lunch and to a Splash Park in a neighboring town that we pass frequently on our way to soccer practice.  

On the day in question, my plan began seemlessly.  The girls played, we drove to Shake Shack for lunch and we were just pulling into the parking lot of the Splash Park when the dark, ominous clouds began to appear.

We decided to risk the rain.

And we were the only people at the Splash Park, which was rather fun.

The girls had just turned the jets on when the rain began.  It started out slowly but within a few minutes, it was a major storm.  The rain was pouring down out of the sky.

Not that Josie and Eva minded.  They were having a wonderful time.

My phone alert system - which has certainly had it's share of action this summer - went off to tell me that there were flash flood warnings in our area, which I definitely could believe.  The rain was not letting up at all even an hour after it had begun.

I was standing under a covered picnic area and was perfectly dry and contented.  Every once in a while, the girls would run under the shelter and use their towels to dry off for a few minutes, but they kept going back outside for more.  There's a small playground next to the Splash Park where the girls discovered that the slides work amazingly well while covered in rain.  

And then, after an hour, the Splash Park began to fill with water - the drains were clogged by dirt and mulch that had been rolling down the hill.  The girls tried using their feet to push away some of the muck and allow the areas to drain, but the rain was no match for their work.

And it was getting cold. 

We decided to call it a day.

We all agreed that the Splash Park was fantastic, though.  We'd like to bring Eva back sometime on a sunny day so we could really enjoy the man-made water features this time.

Until then, we agreed that Mother Nature's Splash Pad was a huge success.


Laura said...

That last picture is too cute!

Martha said...

Thanks, Laura! So great to hear from you :)

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