Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Snorkeling In Maine

Last summer, while we were on Block Island, Henry mentioned that he thought a snorkel and mask would be a fun thing to have at the beach and later that afternoon, I saw a cheap set at the grocery store which I added to my cart.  It was the best $10 bucks I spent - that day.  Let's be honest, the BEST $10 I EVER spent at the Block Island grocery store probably went towards some adult beverage or the ingredients for s'mores.  

Henry loved using the snorkel set and eventually, so did Georgia.  For Christmas this year, both asked for and received their own pairs.  Snorkeling didn't really catch on with little Josephine.  There was an incident with a wave and the filling-up of her breathing tube and Josie holds a grudge.  

But Henry is persuasive and somehow he got Josie to agree to try snorkeling again - this time in Maine and this time at the Salt Pond Preserve where there are very few sneaky waves whose sole mission in life is to fill her breathing tube.

You'll remember that our first trip to Rachel Carson's Salt Pond Preserve was poorly timed and snorkeling was out of the question.  We returned to the pond the next morning and this time! we chose wisely.

The tide was up, the waves were minimal and the Salt Pond was enormous and hopefully filled with crabs, starfish and other wonderful creatures.

And Henry faced them all ..... while Josie stayed on the rocky shore.  She put the mask ON and she walked TOWARD the water, but she just couldn't bring herself to go into the ocean while wearing the mask and breathing through a mouth tube.  She just wasn't ready.

Henry stayed in the water as long as he could stand the freezing cold temperatures.

He held his Go Pro camera and took a lot of footage of crabs and underwater rocks.

Henry had to come out of the water twice to warm up.  The sun wasn't really out and it was chilly in the air but I guess it was warmer outside the water than in.

We watched Henry's footage back at my parents' house and it was amazing to see the world that lives under water.  I'm glad we made that second trip.


Guymons said...

Bradley has been working all summer pulling weeds, mowing lawns, taking care of cats, dogs, gardens, doing odd jobs of all sorts to earn money because he wants to buy a go pro camera.

We have a family snorkeling story. One year when I was a kid, my family went to Hawaii. My dad and the big kids went out snorkeling. The people on the boat told us all kinds of instructions and we jumped in....one of the important instructions was that I water got in the snorkel, if you said, "TWO" really loud/hard into your snorkel, that would push the water out...well, my dad jumps in, starts struggling, gagging, dog paddling around saying, "two two two two"...but not from his lungs, just saying it and it wasn't working. He is a great swimmer, but he asked for a floaty thingy after the "two two two" event. And we've teased him about it ever since.

Angie said...

Definitely a memory Henry won't forget anytime soon. That is what life is all about.

Martha said...

Bradley will LOVE that go pro! They are amazing and so much fun. He'll make some great movies on his skateboard!

Love the snorkeling story. I had a very similar experience when I tried snorkeling years ago. Gordy said that I jumped out of the boat and two seconds later, I jumped right back in! My tube filled with water and I didn't know what to do!

Martha said...

Angie - you are so right! And having the time to do things like this are why I love summer!!

happyandhumble said...

We take our snorkels everywhere!!! beaches, lakes, rivers. Getting to see whats actually "down there"…Its an adventure! great pictures!

Martha said...

My kids take their snorkels everywhere, too. A few weeks ago, they saw an enormous sting ray off the beach in Rhode Island! A great find! Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

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