Sunday, August 31, 2014

Snorkeling Off Block Island

While Josie and Gordy were getting ready to begin their 5K, Henry and Georgia were 2.5K away, preparing to go snorkeling in the ocean.  It was a cold, over-cast day and not the kind of weather that makes you want to sunbathe or build sand castles.  

It also wasn't the kind of weather that made you want to get into the ocean at all, but we had time to kill while waiting for Gordy and Josie to run by, and my children aren't good at just sitting around.

It should be noted that the children went snorkeling every time that we went to the beach - which during this particular trip to Block Island meant that they went snorkeling every day but two or three.  

One this cold day, it took some time for Georgia and Henry to get up the nerve to go into the freezing ocean.

They spent a lot of time "adjusting" and "checking" their gear.

Not that I blamed them, while all this preparation was going on, I was sitting on a beach chair, wearing shorts, a sweatshirt and wrapped tightly in two towels.

And I was shivering.

Eventually, they got into the water and slowly made their way out to the deep.

And I mean slowly.  

It wasn't their longest snorkeling adventure.

I didn't bring my camera to the beach very often, but I did manage to get a few more photos of Henry snorkeling this year.  The photos below are from a different (more sunny) day when Henry went out snorkeling with Gordy.  It was a calm day and the two of them went far out into the ocean and were rewarded with some amazing finds.

Here's a shot taken with Henry's GoPro camera:

And here's another GoPro image of the giant sting-ray they found:

Obviously, you can see that the snorkeling off Block Island was fabulous this year!

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