Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Days

After the crazy, long, cold winter that we had here in Massachusetts, our family has been loving the warmth and the sun of the summer.  Josie, in particular, has been soaking up the rays and enjoying her time at the pool.  Like me, Josie NEVER complains about it being "too" hot.

Josie's big thrill this summer was that she didn't have to do any deep water tests in order to swim in the pool by herself.  Our pool insists that children pass the test two years in a row and Josie's second year was last summer.  This year, Josie got to march into the pool's office and get her blue band without any stress at all.  It was a beautiful thing.

Especially since Josie really enjoys the deep end of the pool.

Oh, sun!  Where have you been for the last six months?!?!

We're so thrilled to see you again!

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