Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Newest Boat Bailer

We have a new sailor in our house:  Josie began sailing lessons at the end of June and so far, it's been a great success.  Sadly for Josie, the fun of sailing comes with a price - the resident sailor has to bail out the boat when it rains.  

For Henry, bailing out the boat is a quick and painless activity.  His rowing skills are advanced and balancing the sailboat, the row boat and the dock is simple to his seasoned self.  

Josie, on the other hand, has a little more difficulty.

Rowing - and towing the heavy sailboat - is hard when you aren't particularly big.  Or strong.  Or quick.

I sent Josie down to the dock to bail out the boat after a big storm and I was surprised when 30 minutes later, I saw that she had only just managed to get the boat to the dock and begun the bailing process.

We have two methods of bailing out the boat.  Josie's sailing partner, Dorothy, brought a detergent container which works well and we have a manual pump that involves a lot of man-power but does the job fairly quickly.

The process still was painfully slow.

I helped with the hand-pumping, but mostly I stood back and let Josie do her thing.

I could definitely see why it takes Josie and Dorothy an extra half-hour after class is over to de-rig and put away their boat.  Josie was thorough but I wouldn't call her speedy.

I think Josie has been happy to join the ranks of sailors in our town.  And Gordy and I like the sense of accomplishment and independence that sailing lessons foster.  As I write this post, it's Tip Day at the lake and Josie and Dorothy are (hopefully) finished with the process and enjoying a well-deserved swim.  

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