Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Jump On The Pesto Bandwagon

Block Island has so many wonderful atributes including gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets and great restaurants but what it doesn't have is good, fresh produce.  Some of the restaurants have their own kitchen gardens, but there isn't a dedicated produce farm on the island and so all fruit and vegetables have to be shipped over to the island on the ferry from the mainland.  Needless to say, pickings can be slim at the Block Island Grocery Store.  There is one island farm stand, conveniently located close to our house, that sells fresh basil and the occasional tomato or cucumber.  I biked over to the stand one afternoon and bought myself a big bunch of basil and decided to give homemade pesto a try.

I know.  I'm the last person ON EARTH to make homemade pesto.  I prefer eating to cooking, so it takes me awhile to try things.

In the late afternoon, I started the process by washing the Block Island dirt off the basil.

And making myself a vodka tonic.

The basil was gorgeous:  green, fresh and beautifully smelly.

I was joined, as I almost always am, by Josie, who turned up the dance music and got down to business.

I followed a recipe I found on the internet that called for 7 cloves of garlic (which was way too much, by the way), basil, olive oil and pine nuts.

I left out the pine nuts because of Henry's nut allergies.

Josie helped me with the blending.  This part of the process took a long, long time.

Note to self:  blenders are not food processors.

We added parmesan cheese once we were done with the chopping.

And then mixed the pesto into our spaghetti.

I was pleased with our creation.  Nothing says healthy eating to me more than the color green.

While we were on Block Island, we ate outside on the deck most nights.  I like to stare at the ocean as much as possible while I am on the island.  Once we are back home in Massachusetts, the daily view is of green for a few weeks and then we move to gray skies and finally to blinding white snow, so I like to get my share of sunny and cloudless-sky while I can.

On The Night I Made Pesto, the sky was particularly clear and the weather was perfect.  We ate our healthy dinner and then took a lovely walk on the beach.

I'm already missing summer, can you tell?


Terri said...

I liked everything about this post. Gorgeous pictures. Unbelievable view from your Block Island place. Dancing entertainment while you cooked. Vodka tonic. As far as the pesto, I leave pine nuts out also and sometimes add a little fresh lemon juice. Makes it taste even fresher!

Martha said...

Thank you so much, Terri! And great advice about the lemon juice. I bet that would be the perfect addition to pesto.

Tara said...

Well, you've got ME beat! I've yet to make home-made pesto, so…You Win! Of course my mom makes killer fresh pesto. And there's always Trader Joe's and our wonderful local gem, Phoenix Pastificio with their home-made pastas, sauces, olive bread and The Worlds Best Macaroon. Don't you want to come visit?? xx :D

Martha said...

Tara - ooohhh! thanks for the trader joe advice! I do want to come and visit (for lots of reasons!)

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