Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sachem Pond

When we are on Block Island, we are professional beach bums.  It is not unusual for us to spend the entire morning and the early afternoon sitting on the sand, boogie boarding on the waves and eating lunch from a cooler.  But by mid-afternoon, we've usually had enough of the direct sun and we head to other activities.  After being dragged all over every island trail last year in our futile search for hidden orbs, I couldn't convince a single child to join me on a nature hike.  Instead, all three children were most interested in swimming in a pond - especially one that had rope swing.

There are plenty of ponds and two sizable lakes on the island but an internet search came up  empty for a public pond with a rope swing.  I was completely uncertain if swimming was even allowed in the closest body of fresh water to our house.  Some sites seem to suggest that it was open to the public and others seem to clearly state that the pond was only for the use of the houses that surround it.

There are no houses directly surrounding Sachem Pond near the North Lighthouse and according to Google, people use it for swimming.  Lack of rope swing aside, the children wanted to give the pond a try, so we headed up north one afternoon.

There was a path from the parking lot to a small sand beach and no No Trespassing signs, so we figured it was alright to continue.  

That said we were the only people there.

The water at the end of the pond could best be described as murky.

Getting into the water was a slow and tentative operation.

Once out a little further into the depths, the water quality was better and the bottom of the pond was less icky.

But the pond wasn't exactly deep and all three children lost interest pretty quickly.

I can't say that I blamed them.  


Irene @ FindAuPair said...

I'm sure it was a relaxing day nonetheless. The place looks pretty nice.

Martha said...

Irene - yes, it was relaxing and it is beautiful. I'm hoping that some Block Island resident reads this post and leaves a comment about some hidden swimming hole for next year!

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