Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Skim Boarding on Block Island

We brought a new toy with us to Block Island this year:  a skim board.

This was no toy-store skim board, either.  It was a real, fiber-glass (?), adult-sized skim board.  I don't know if there are Professional Skim Boarders in the world, but if there are, they use a skim board like this one.

Gordy got the skim board as a Christmas present from his parents last year and we were all eager to give it a try.

I assume that you know that when I type the words "we were all...." that I am referring to the "we" that includes everyone but me.  

Since I don't swing from ropes into ponds, ride upside-down roller coasters or near-vertical water slides and I consider ice-skating backward to be a skill that I'll never master, it should be obvious that jumping on a thin board and balancing on a wave is not my cup of tea.

Especially after I watched my loved ones fall off the skim board and land painfully onto their rear ends multiple times.

It took some practice, but there was success eventually.

Henry and Gordy were the only two people that stuck with the skim board past the first day though.  The girls liked the moments when they were surfing the waves, but not the moments when they were falling painfully to the earth with their limbs akimbo.

I watched from the sidelines, took photos and offered useless advice.  I noticed with scholarly interest that the family hockey players had better luck balancing than the family land-sporters.  The lighter-weighing Elliots travelled further along the wave, but the heavier Elliots balanced more easily on the skim board.

Children with new toys.... ahh, isn't summer great?

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