Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The First Two Hockey Games Of The Year

Josie and Henry both had their first hockey games of the season on the same day.  And as luck would have it, I got to go to both.  Henry and I went to watch Josie make her debut with the Islanders and then we hurried 20 minutes down the road to another ice rink, where Josie and I watched Henry and his team start their season.

This is Josie's first year playing hockey on an all-girl team.

Their home rink for games might just be the dirtiest, most disgusting rink in New England.  It was hard to take successful photos through the years of muck that has accumulated on the plexi-glass boards.

Josie played defense for this game and did a great job.  Her team won 4-1.

After Josie's game, we piled into the car and drove to another rink for Henry's game.  

I don't get to see many of Henry's games because Gordy is usually the coach or the assistant coach which means that he has to be there, leaving me to take either (or both) girls to their weekend activity.  

On this day, Gordy missed the game and his Assistant Coaching duty, since he was back at home, hosting a party / meeting with Georgia's soccer team, their coach and parents.  

We actually lucked out on this day.  It's not usual for the two hockey players to have back-to-back games in the same part of the state.  Dividing up the Sunday tasks was much easier than normal.

It's amazing the difference between nine year olds hockey and fourteen year olds.  

Both are enthusiastic and serious, but the teenagers win for speed and accuracy.

Henry's team won 8-0.

And so the hockey season begins.  

I've already gotten out my wool socks, ugg boots and down jackets.  I've done about five loads of hockey-related laundry and I've already driven hundreds of carpool miles.  

Yep.  It's begun.


Cathrine Knol said...

I got cold watching the photo's, which is a good thing because I'm melting here (26 Celsius mid september !) :-).
Have a great hockey season!

Guymons said...

Love that hockey is starting!!! Great photos! Glad they both did well. And they both have really cool uniforms. I'm curious about something....did they miss 3 weeks of practice while you were on vacation? Bradley's soccer coach would have benched him for sure for that. I bet your kids are so good that they could miss practice and still be needed!

Martha said...

Cathrine - I'm so jealous!! We've had a strangely cold summer and an even colder fall. The colder weather does make it easier for the kids to be back in school and at sports practice. It's much harder to convince someone to start the day when it's hot and summer-y!

Martha said...

Diane -

Aren't those neat uniforms? I love the Islander's lighthouse and colors. We timed our vacation so that it wouldn't interfere with hockey (or soccer). There's no way they would have been able to miss three weeks - you are so right!!

Cathrine Knol said...

I thought a lot you this year with the long and hard winter. We were blessed with a super soft winter and an amazingly long summer. But I have a feeling things will turn around this winter :-). As a northern girl I'm not good at hot summers. Give me cosy autumn and strong winter any time haha. Btw, there is a program on the Norwegian television called " alt for Norge". It's about Norwegian-Americans who comes over to get to know their ancestors. The full 4th season is on YouTube. It's a great show, much is of course in Norwegian but the contestants speak English so you should understand most of it. Have fun :-). x

Martha said...

Cathrine - Thank you so much for the heads-up about that Norwegian tv program - it sounds fascinating and definitely want to watch it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have a mild winter this year. I'm a hot-weather, summer-obsessed girl, which is odd considering my genetic make-up!

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