Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Great Cookie Project

This summer I tried a little experiment.  I asked the girls (and Henry - who ignored me and walked away) if they would like to be a part of The Great Cookie Project.  Each week, I would buy ingredients for a different cookie and the girls would take turns making them.

The official reason:  the children would learn important skills in following directions, measuring, mixing, creating, cleaning and doing a project from start to finish.  Science!  Math! Home Economics!  The Great Cookie Project had them all.

The real reason:  I wanted a never-ending supply of fresh, homemade cookies and I was too lazy to make them myself.

Josie and Georgia took turns being Head Chef and we mostly used recipes I found on Pinterest.  TGCP included chocolate chip cookies, S'mores Bars, Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies, jelly thumbprint cookies and (on the day that I remembered to take photos), sugar cookies.

It was Josie's week and she got to do all the rolling, the cookie cutter-ing and the decorating.

She chose whales, hippos, a martini glass, a goose and three ninjas.

Because why not eat a hippo cookie?  Or a ninja?  And everyone knows that goose is delicious.

Especially if it is covered in pink sugar.

Obviously the Great Cookie Project was a huge success.  It was such a hit that we thought we would continue it into the fall.  I envisioned one of the children making cookies each Saturday and then I imagined myself packing lunches with homemade treats.

It hasn't happened.

Who has time on a Saturday to make cookies!?!

We're lucky if we can get the smelly uniforms washed between games.

Fall is the killer of fun, summer traditions.  It's a fact.


Angie said...

What a cute project! I bet the girls had so much fun with it while it lasted :)

Tara said...

Hey - you can send some of those Martini Cookies my way any time!…..I'm waiting.

Martha said...

Thanks, Angie ! Yes, the girls LOVED the cookie project. We meant to keep it up this fall but it hasn't happened yet. Supermarket cookies have won out.

Martha said...

Tara - Sadly they were only martini SHAPED. hee hee!

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