Thursday, September 25, 2014

The School Projects Begin

Since the beginning of September, we've been waking up early, making lunches, packing school bags, making three trips to drop off three children to three different school.  In the afternoon, we've sharpened pencils, opened packs of notebook paper, done homework, studied for a few tests and even watched as Henry completed two papers... but it didn't feel like school had really started until last week when the first project came home.

Josie was the lucky recipient of the assignment.

Josie had to make a poster that highlighted the word "Buoyant."  And not the traditional definition of "Buoyant" that refers to floating on water, either.  Josie was given the definition of "happy and cheerful."

I had a hard time getting the right light the morning that I took these photos, so I will have to help you decipher what Josie's poster looked like.  In the top left hand corner, Josie wrote the definition of her word plus a synonym.

In the top right hand corner, Josie explained Buoyant's Part of Speech (adjective).

And then on my favorite parts, Josie wrote two sentences that demonstrate the use of the word Buoyant and which she then illustrated.

"Sarah was buoyant on the first day of school."

"Jack was still buoyant even though he didn't win the grand prize."

Notice the look of sheer disappointment on the face of the girl who came in third!  I guess her gold fish just didn't cut it!

As far as projects go, this one was pretty mild.  The only role I had to play in it's production was that of cheerleader (Good job, Josie!  Nice coloring!), which is the only way I like to help with projects.  We had Back to School Night the other evening and Josie's teacher assured us all that hers would not be a project-packed classroom, which was a great relief to all present.  

We'll keep our fingers crossed that her idea of what constitutes few projects is the same as ours!

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