Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Southside

Because it is almost the weekend (and because I am finally finished with my Block Island posts), I will share with you my new favorite cocktail:  The Southside.

Elizabeth gave me a Vintage Cocktail book for Christmas last year and it is full of delicious gems.

The Southside is a very summery cocktail, in my opinion, but I'm sure it can still be enjoyed in the fall (wink, wink).  It calls for fresh lime juice and fresh mint.

You muddle together fresh mint, lime wedges, simple syrup and lime juice before adding the gin and giving the whole thing a good shake over ice.  

You then pour the contents of your shaker into a glass and top with soda.   

The Southside is simply delicious and totally worth the effort of the measuring and the muddling.  

The only bad thing about this cocktail is that it's not party-friendly.  The mint-to-drink ratio is one that requires you to start afresh with each glass and doesn't lend itself to a more crowd-pleasing pitcher.

That's not to say that I drank alone.  While I enjoyed my cocktail, Josie made herself a mocktail.

She squeezed lime juice, added simple syrup and soda.

Mostly she made a sticky mess, but it was fun nonetheless.

Cheers!  Happy weekend!


Tara said...

I'll take one please! Or two...

Martha said...

T - you would definitely love a southside. yummy!

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