Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carving The Pumpkin

We are feeling very smug and proud of ourselves because this year - LISTEN UP EVERYONE- this year we remembered to carve our pumpkin!  

It's all about the little victories, right?

Gordy and Josie (Chairgirl of the House Decorations Committee) carved the pumpkin last Sunday after Georgia's soccer game in Rhode Island.  I (the resident photographer) took photo for the company newsletter.

(and when things got a little dull, I took photos of our flowers.  Isn't this a pretty photograph?)

Gordy and Josie decided to copy our friends the Woods and carve a vomiting pumpkin.

They started by sketching out the design...

and cutting off the top.  

Getting the top off this pumpkin wasn't easy:

But Gordy won in the end:

Gordy and Josie went old-school with the design.

They did triangle eyes, a square nose and an oval mouth (perfect for the vomit).

Josie kept the innards in a bowl, ready to put back into the pumpkin's mouth.  She demonstrated what the finished product would look like for the photographer:

At last it was time to set the pumpkin up on the front stoop:

and to place the barf where appropriate.

We're not quite sure if all the vomit will last until Friday - our yard is home to what seems like hundreds of chipmunks.  

But if the wildlife has a feast, the pumpkin will still look cool on Halloween.

We hope.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Soccer Season Continues

Georgia's soccer season is in full-swing and I've been able to go to two games in a row.  On Sunday, I got to watch Georgia's team (NEFC United) beat the Rhode Island Bolts 1-0.  The game was in Rhode Island on the campus of a private school that overlooked the ocean.  You couldn't have found a more gorgeous setting.  

Georgia's team is U12 but they are playing up in the U13 division.  The matches are now 11v11 which makes things more complex and fun to watch.

Georgia almost always plays defense at this point - a position that she loves.

At this particular game, everyone but Henry came along to cheer the United.

The game was tied until the last five minutes of the game when one of Georgia's teammates scored.

And then there were five tense minutes where we all held our breath, hoping that the other team wouldn't tie it up.

... but they didn't.


There's one more month of fall soccer for Georgia and she's making the most of it!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

What's Been Going On Around Here

October has gone by really quickly.  I'd say that it's hard to believe that it's the last week of the month except that when I went through all my October photos for this post, I realized we've done quite a lot - an entire month's worth, really.  

Georgia's had two big art/research projects for sixth grade already - one was a timeline that compared events in her own life with events from the world.  Since the project was assigned and due during a particularly busy week, I helped Georgia out by going through our old photos to find good ones for her poster.  That's when I found the above photo, taken during a Christmas Card photo shoot.  It didn't make the cut for the card, but it's cute, no?  It's funny to see Henry with hair and Josie as a blonde.

Projects aside, Georgia is enjoying middle school.  She's met new friends and has been enjoying having both old and new friends over to our house.  This weekend, we had two friends from Georgia's soccer team over and they made cookies:

Gordy is now back from his week-long trip to London and when he arrived back in Boston, he had presents for the children.  Josie loved her stuffed bulldog:

and Henry was pleased with this tshirt:

Georgia got a hat, but I didn't get any photos of that.

I did get photos of our family's taste test of Butterbeer (from Harry Potter for all you noon-potter-heads).  I found a four-pack at our local Whole Foods and we opened it for cocktail hour while Gordy was gone.

Henry was the first person to try it.

He wasn't very impressed.

Josie went next

She thought she liked it at first, but on second taste, decided it was much too sweet.

Too sweet didn't even begin to describe it.  Butterscotch "beer" was disgusting.

It was like drinking liquid tooth-rot.

We had more success with Gordy's paella night.

Gordy used to make paella frequently back in our pre-children days and I was thrilled to hear that he wanted to give it a go again.

Gordy makes a chicken and sausage paella since he's deathly allergic to seafood.

The house smelled unbelievably good and the paella looked amazing.  

Josie liked it, Henry liked it, Georgia.....

did not like it.

No surprise there.

Here is the chef:

And finally, I took a sewing class this month and learned how to make pillow covers  (some more successful than others).  I throughly enjoyed the lessons, bought myself a sewing machine, started a pillow on my own and promptly forgot what I had learned.

I'm not giving up, though.  The place where I bought my machine gives free lessons and there's always refresher classes on YouTube.

October isn't over yet.  There will be more, but for now, you are all caught up.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Josie & I Walk For Autism Awareness

Last Sunday, Josie and I took part in a charity walk to promote autism awareness and to raise money for autism charities.  Josie's hockey club participates in this charity walk annually but it was our family's first time at the event.

It was nice to see so many of Josie's teammates without their helmets on.  It's almost impossible to put names to faces if you never get to see the faces.  Josie's team is in need of some good off-ice bonding time since all the girls come from different towns and this is the first year that many of them have ever skated together.  The autism walk was a good opportunity to get to know each other while raising money for a great charity and promoting a good cause.

Josie and her teammates wore their orange jerseys...

... and their coach brought pink ribbons for them to wear.

They also received tshirts for participating in the walk, but it was so cold outside that the tshirt went straight into my backpack.  It wasn't the sunniest of days last Sunday and the wind was a tad biting.

Josie's coach brought her almost one-year old daughter to the walk with the team and the ten year olds ooh and aahed over her endlessly.

Okay, the picture doesn't prove my point.  From the below photo, it doesn't look like anyone except the coach is oohing and aahing over the baby.  In this photo, it just looks like the girls are staring at something they've never ever seen before and aren't sure that they like what they see.

You'll have to trust me that the baby was well-liked and her cuteness was genuinely appreciated.

Perhaps this photo shows this better:

Before the walk officially began, all the hockey club teams met on a grassy knoll for a group photo:

There was a whole lot of orange, although you could tell which parents didn't read through the emails very carefully (or else whose players didn't have a clean orange jersey to wear):

After the photo call, there was a long period of waiting around for the walk to begin.  During which time, someone - who will remain nameless - realized that she was hungry and began a long, very-annoying campaign to buy junk food.

She won, eventually, since we stopped at a gas station mini-mart for "lunch" once the walk was finished.

There was an impressive crowd and a Boston tv station was covering the walk from a bucket crane at the starting line.  The girls made their way slowly along the mile course, pushing the coach's daughter's stroller the whole way.  Those who couldn't hold the handle, made due with holding the side or the bottom or being the official blanket re-tucker.  No baby has ever been so well cared for.

I'd say the Autism walk was a huge success.

Happy Weekend!

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