Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carving The Pumpkin

We are feeling very smug and proud of ourselves because this year - LISTEN UP EVERYONE- this year we remembered to carve our pumpkin!  

It's all about the little victories, right?

Gordy and Josie (Chairgirl of the House Decorations Committee) carved the pumpkin last Sunday after Georgia's soccer game in Rhode Island.  I (the resident photographer) took photo for the company newsletter.

(and when things got a little dull, I took photos of our flowers.  Isn't this a pretty photograph?)

Gordy and Josie decided to copy our friends the Woods and carve a vomiting pumpkin.

They started by sketching out the design...

and cutting off the top.  

Getting the top off this pumpkin wasn't easy:

But Gordy won in the end:

Gordy and Josie went old-school with the design.

They did triangle eyes, a square nose and an oval mouth (perfect for the vomit).

Josie kept the innards in a bowl, ready to put back into the pumpkin's mouth.  She demonstrated what the finished product would look like for the photographer:

At last it was time to set the pumpkin up on the front stoop:

and to place the barf where appropriate.

We're not quite sure if all the vomit will last until Friday - our yard is home to what seems like hundreds of chipmunks.  

But if the wildlife has a feast, the pumpkin will still look cool on Halloween.

We hope.

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