Thursday, October 16, 2014

Decorating For Halloween

Gordy spent last week in London on business and we were very busy while he was gone.  It's hard to single-parent especially when two of your children are supposed to be at two different activities at the same time.  One person just can't do it all.  Even though for most of the week, I felt like a chicken with my head cut off, I did manage to carve out an hour one afternoon for the girls and I to go to the local garden center and pick out pumpkins and decorations for Halloween.

Don't expect the usual-adorable-children-in-the-pumpkin-patch photos, though.  We do not have the time for any day-long excursions to the farm anymore.  We go to Mahoney's on Route 3 and pick out our pumpkins from a long folding table, whilst being serendaded by the loud sounds of cars whizzing by us on the highway.  

It's classy, I know.

Before we got to the pumpkin table, we stopped by the ghourd display to admire the squash.

This jug-shapped beauty caught Josie's eye.

We weren't in a terrible hurry, so we admired all the produce.

... and then we headed over to the urban pumpkin patch.

Our mission was to find a bunch of small pumpkins for decoration and one large pumpkin for carving.

Georgia performed feats of strength.

and both girls checked out the Haunted Maze.

It took about 30 seconds to get through and wasn't particularly scary.

In addition to the halloween decor, I purchased some heather plants which I put in our urn by our side door. 

This is only notable because it is the first time in the five years that we have lived in our house that I have ever put anything inside this urn.  

Obviously, I didn't get any of my parents' gardening genes.

I'm pleased with our holiday decorations, though.  We still have to put up the orange lights and put candles in those ceramic jack-o-lanterns you can see below, but even without these missing items, the house looks festive.

And just because we skipped the real farm experience, doesn't mean we missed out on the most important part of going to a farm in October:  we still purchased the apple cider donuts.

Josie even proved that one can use apple cider donuts as a Princess Leia costume.  

She's so clever.

Let the Halloween countdown begin!

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