Friday, October 3, 2014

Does Anyone Need Fruit?

My niece, Lily, is selling citrus to raise money for her school band.  Does anyone need an orange?  Or a grapefruit?  

You know how these fundraisers work:  the more fruit you buy, the more money Lily's school band receives.  And I am told that unlike the usual taste-less candy or giant tins of stale popcorn, the fruit from this fundraiser is actually juicy, fresh, and delicious.  

I ordered a box of the scarlet navels that I plan to eat and turn into martinis.


I might share them with my husband and my offspring.  We'll see.

You know you want to support worthy high school music programs or at the very least, you know you want to make your own martinis.  Here is the link to use when you order your own fruit:

Step one:  click on the above link

Step two:  click on the mailbox icon which means that the fruit company will mail you your oranges/grapefruit directly to your house.  (My sister is not going to drive oranges around the country.  She's a very busy person.)

Step three:  when it asks you who your seller is, click on Lily Hunter, so she gets some credit for the sale.  

Step four:  enjoy your citrus and pat yourself on the back for helping Lily's band.

Thank you from Lily and the Myers Park High School Bands and me.

(Lily - before she learned to play the trumpet and way before she became a musical, fruit merchant)

(more pre-fruit cuteness from 2000 when Lily and her mother and sister visited their new baby cousin, Henry and rode the Swan Boats in Boston)


Irene @ FindAuPair said...

Good for her. Her idea of selling fruits to help her school band is fantastic.

Martha said...

Irene- yes! Fundraising is always a good lesson to learn. I haven't heard if Lily has had an success from my advertising campaign! I'll have to ask.

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