Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Responsibilities

It's been cold here for the last few weeks.  There's a nip in the air and the days are shorter.  It's still dark when we get up in the morning and the sun is setting when Josie and I head home from the ice rink in the afternoons.  It's fall - there's no sense in denying it.

To prepare for the winter, we adult Elliots have four Fall Chores:  the garden fountain has to drained and put away, the sail boat has to be taken out of the lake and put into our garage, the glass table top on our deck table has to be removed and put into the garage and the front porch furniture has to be lugged down and put into... you guessed it - the garage.

I have a hard time saying good-bye to summer so I like to do these chores one at a time and very, very slowly.  This weekend we started with the glass table top and the fountain.

Our friend (and landscape designer extraordinare) Reed came over to give us a hand, since this was the first year that the fountain was in use for the entire summer and we had never broken it down for the winter before.

Our goal is to be able to do all the end-of-the-season fountain work on our own without Reed's help, so Gordy watched closely and I took photos so we wouldn't forget any steps.

I'm really going to miss our fountain.  For the last five months, I've enjoyed many a lunch while sitting next to the fountain's bubbling beauty.

We still have some flowers left in the the garden.  The roses are still blooming.

And there are some hydrangea blossoms holding on.

Gordy and Reed carried the fountain down to the garage and I took a picture of the bare spot it left behind.

Now I will have to find time to bleach the rocks and clean out the fountain's base and get the tank covered before the snow starts.

And I'll have to suck it up and put away all the porch furniture away soon, too.

Summer is over.  I'm coming to terms with that fact.

At least the sun is shining and at least it hasn't snowed... yet.

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