Thursday, October 9, 2014

Georgia Plays Soccer

Gordy and I switched our usual roles last Sunday and he took Josie to her hockey game while I took Georgia to her soccer match.  It was a great treat to watch Georgia's team play and be able to sit in the sun while doing so.

Georgia's team is U12 but they are playing in the U13 division which means 11v11.

They've done a good job adjusting to the bigger field and the bigger opponents.  I was sitting near two fathers from the opposing team and I heard one say to the other "who are these kids - ten year olds?"

Georgia's team is not particularly tall, it's true, but they aren't ten year olds.

And they proved that fact by beating their 13 year old adversaries 5-3.

Don't dismiss them because they're short, people!

Georgia's team is strong and they are fun to watch.  They are going to more tournaments this year, so it will be interesting to see how they do against teams outside of Massachusetts.  Right now they are scheduled to go to Maryland in November and New Jersey sometime in the spring.  

Georgia will be taking a personal break from soccer at the end of November.  She'll be having her third (and hopefully last) surgery to correct issues caused by amniotic band syndrome.  This time around, the surgery will be on her left leg - her "good" leg.  I put the word "good" in quotes because considering that the right leg - where the amniotic band was located at birth - has defied all odds by allowing Georgia to walk, run and move in every way, I'd say the right leg was pretty good, too!

I'll devote an entire blog post to Georgia's upcoming surgery soon.

In the meantime, Georgia will continue to go about her business and play as much soccer as she can squeeze in.  She'll be on a no-sports ban for two months after surgery, during which time she will be grateful for those flute lessons she started this fall and for physical therapy which will make it possible for her to keep up with her teammates over the winter.


Guymons said...

Great photos (as usual). Good luck Georgia on the surgery and recovery! That's really great that they can keep up with and beat the taller teams! The field and the background trees make the pictures look really nice, too, is it turf, our fields here are not doing so well because of the drought. It's good you switch off on the games you attend, but do you have a favorite? I may come into that situation soon, not the switching off, but only getting to go to one game and it's going to be really hard to or soccer, Bradley or Andrew. I may just pick the home game and let that be my alone deciding factor, then it wont seem like I'm picking a favorite sport or kid.

Martha said...

Hello Diane - what a great question! I don't think I have a favorite. I really enjoying watching them all. That said, I think it's fair to say that Gordy has a favorite . While hockey is his favorite sport, he prefers to watch the team that has the most chance of winning and who plays the best. Josie's hockey team could politely be said to be "still learning" and they don't win often or play particularly well. It's no surprise then that I usually get stuck bringing Josie to her games and missing Georgia's (which are usually at the same time). I hardly ever go to Henry's games since Gordy coaches those and we have to divide and conquer. I guess that if I'm going to be honest, I'd have to say that I'd prefer to be warm so I'd favor soccer in the warm fall months and then the in-door hockey rinks once it gets too cold to be outside!

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