Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Henry's Room, Rearranged

Our big project of the weekend was to dismantle Henry's loft bed.  We had many reasons to get rid of the loft including the fact that Henry was getting too big for it, the loft made changing Henry's sheets almost impossible and it blocked his window, but the main - and most exciting reason - is that we are getting a new puppy and Henry wants the dog to be able to sleep in his bed.  Puppies and loft beds do not really mix.

But back to that middle part!  We're getting a dog!  Our little girl was born on October 13th and we get to meet her in two more weeks.  We won't bring her home until closer to Christmas, but we are already preparing.  I'm reading all the books, we're thinking about crates, puppy beds and schedules and we're preparing our house.

First step:  dismantle the loft.

The whole process took awhile since we had to work around multiple sporting events.  We began by removing the mattress and the loft's bottom.

Once the mattress was out, the loft looked like a huge playpen.

We found tons of missing pieces, a few pairs of headphones and random books.

Once the bottom was removed, Henry stood under the loft and we admired the top of his head:

The next phase happened later in the day.  Gordy removed the sides that weren't connected to the wall and then he started the nightmare that was removing the parts that were connected to the wall.

I "helped."

The carpenter that built Henry's loft did an amazing job.  Gordy removed all the screws, expecting the wood to fall to the ground... but it remained hanging.

At this point, I left to take Georgia to soccer practice and when I returned Gordy had finally managed to get the main pieces off the wall.  It was crazy complex and full of hidden screws, but it was finally off and the loft was officially gone.

We are buying Henry a real bed, but for now, he's sleeping on his mattress on the floor.  We moved the couch to under the window and moved the dresser to the other side of the room.  

We'll have to get the walls touched up a bit.  Removing the screws meant removing some parts of the dry wall.  It will all get fixed.

And we have plenty of time before the new puppy arrives.  It's very exciting!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited to have a pug niece once again! I might smuggle her home with me after Christmas!

Guymons said...

lots of work!!!! Nice bedroom!

we took down the bunk bed in bradley's room not too long ago, he was too big for it, too. his feet touched the end board. he sleeps much better now!

scott knows of a good dog training book if you want me to get the title...but it's for teaching hunting dogs to mind, stay, retrieve, be quiet, stuff like that for hunting. Probably the wrong kind of book, but he swears by it so it may be good for any dog. I think it's called "Water Dog". He recommends it to everyone!!! He checked it out from the library.

Cathrine Knol said...

What a fun project! Can't wait to see the result and your new little
puppy ;-).
Love your sweater btw!

Martha said...

Diane - Thanks for the dog training referral! I'll definitely see if I can find that book. We need all the help we can get with puppy training!

Martha said...

Cathrine -

We are so excited for the puppy! Hopefully we'll get to meet her this weekend (and I'll be sure to take photos). She'll come to live with us in December.

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