Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Lady Bug Hotel

We had two crazy-warm days last week.  The kind of crazy-warm October day that makes me giddy and excited.  I love any and all flashbacks to summer.  

Apparently, I'm not the only one.

For the entire duration of those two days, our house was inundated - both inside and out - by lady bugs (lady birds for all my UK readers).  There were swarms of lady bugs on the exterior walls of our house and every time we opened the door, as many as could make it came inside our mudroom.

At the most, we counted 22 lady bugs.  It was the oddest thing.

Josie and I looked up "lady bug swarms" on the internet and we learned that on a warm fall day, lady bugs will often swarm a house, looking for ways to get inside where they will then find a cosy spot to hibernate for the winter.  The websites all said that playing host to hibernating lady bugs is not the worst thing in the world.  Lady Bugs only sleep for the winter.  They don't reproduce before or right after hibernating and they usually hide in out-of-sight spots which cause no bother.  

Even so, it is weird to think that we have become a boutique lady bug hotel.

Josie tried to discourage the lady bugs from staying.  She reminded them that our mudroom is actually quite cold in the winter and that we have high ceilings that attract a good amount of spiders.

In fact, a spider moved into the mudroom shortly after Josie's soliloquy.  With 22 lady bugs flying around, it was obviously a great place for a spider to be.

Two days later, the warm spell had ended and the lady bugs disappeared.  Some became snacks for the resident arachnids, the other must have found out-of-sight spots and begun their winter naps.  

I have added a new job description to my resume:  Proprietor of The Lady Bug Hotel.

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Debra Owen said...

That is upsetting. Those bugs can be such a pain. They spring up when you least want them, and they carry whatever disease or germs you might not know they have. It's best to really watch out for them and to arrest their infestations before they grow worse. Anyway, kudos to you for wiping them out. I hope that's for the long haul. Good luck!

Debra Owen @ Invader Pest Management

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