Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Soccer Season Continues

Georgia's soccer season is in full-swing and I've been able to go to two games in a row.  On Sunday, I got to watch Georgia's team (NEFC United) beat the Rhode Island Bolts 1-0.  The game was in Rhode Island on the campus of a private school that overlooked the ocean.  You couldn't have found a more gorgeous setting.  

Georgia's team is U12 but they are playing up in the U13 division.  The matches are now 11v11 which makes things more complex and fun to watch.

Georgia almost always plays defense at this point - a position that she loves.

At this particular game, everyone but Henry came along to cheer the United.

The game was tied until the last five minutes of the game when one of Georgia's teammates scored.

And then there were five tense minutes where we all held our breath, hoping that the other team wouldn't tie it up.

... but they didn't.


There's one more month of fall soccer for Georgia and she's making the most of it!

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