Sunday, October 26, 2014

What's Been Going On Around Here

October has gone by really quickly.  I'd say that it's hard to believe that it's the last week of the month except that when I went through all my October photos for this post, I realized we've done quite a lot - an entire month's worth, really.  

Georgia's had two big art/research projects for sixth grade already - one was a timeline that compared events in her own life with events from the world.  Since the project was assigned and due during a particularly busy week, I helped Georgia out by going through our old photos to find good ones for her poster.  That's when I found the above photo, taken during a Christmas Card photo shoot.  It didn't make the cut for the card, but it's cute, no?  It's funny to see Henry with hair and Josie as a blonde.

Projects aside, Georgia is enjoying middle school.  She's met new friends and has been enjoying having both old and new friends over to our house.  This weekend, we had two friends from Georgia's soccer team over and they made cookies:

Gordy is now back from his week-long trip to London and when he arrived back in Boston, he had presents for the children.  Josie loved her stuffed bulldog:

and Henry was pleased with this tshirt:

Georgia got a hat, but I didn't get any photos of that.

I did get photos of our family's taste test of Butterbeer (from Harry Potter for all you noon-potter-heads).  I found a four-pack at our local Whole Foods and we opened it for cocktail hour while Gordy was gone.

Henry was the first person to try it.

He wasn't very impressed.

Josie went next

She thought she liked it at first, but on second taste, decided it was much too sweet.

Too sweet didn't even begin to describe it.  Butterscotch "beer" was disgusting.

It was like drinking liquid tooth-rot.

We had more success with Gordy's paella night.

Gordy used to make paella frequently back in our pre-children days and I was thrilled to hear that he wanted to give it a go again.

Gordy makes a chicken and sausage paella since he's deathly allergic to seafood.

The house smelled unbelievably good and the paella looked amazing.  

Josie liked it, Henry liked it, Georgia.....

did not like it.

No surprise there.

Here is the chef:

And finally, I took a sewing class this month and learned how to make pillow covers  (some more successful than others).  I throughly enjoyed the lessons, bought myself a sewing machine, started a pillow on my own and promptly forgot what I had learned.

I'm not giving up, though.  The place where I bought my machine gives free lessons and there's always refresher classes on YouTube.

October isn't over yet.  There will be more, but for now, you are all caught up.

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