Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Hockey Game (from last week)

I'm a little behind on my sports reporting but such is life around holidays like Halloween.  Last weekend, Josie and I got to go to one of Henry's hockey games and I was able to take photos. 

The rink that this particular game was held (it's in a neighboring town) is one of my favorites for picture -taking.  The rink is well-lit, the Plexiglass is clean and if you sit and the bottom of the bleachers so that you are eye-level with the action, you can get some great photos. 

It was a very exciting game, full of penalties and player drama, but Henry's team was the victor, winning 3-1.

Henry played fantastically - his team dominated the whole game.  They didn't even let a ten-minute pause in the game (during which time a player from the other team arrived, attempted to get into the game even though the rules state that late players have to sit the game out) get them down.

After the extra player arrived (and found a jersey, which was also strange - was he an actual player on that team or what?), the game continued but things got a lot rougher.  

Luckily Henry's team held their own.

Ahhhh - the excitement!

Ohh - the drama!

And since Henry had no games this weekend, we are now all caught up!

Hooray for me.

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