Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Game Night With Josie

Josie and I had some time to kill last Friday afternoon after her cello lesson.  Georgia (who is usually home and willing to play) was on a bus with her soccer team, driving down to Maryland for a tournament.  I had already made dinner and we had about an hour before we had to pick Henry up from his school van downtown, so Josie and I decided to have ourselves a Game Night.

Josie picked one of our old favorites, Memory.

Our Memory set has the faces of international children printed on the cards.

Back in the days when kindergarten Josie and I would play games together after she ate her lunch, I was quite good at Memory but since then, age and general exhaustion has affected my skills.

I lost fair and square.  For every four pairs of matches that Josie found, I found one.

I had better luck during the next game:  Snakes and Ladders.

This is an old-fashioned (and more adult) version of Chutes and Ladders.  This version has few, very tiny ladders and multiple, extremely long, heart-breaking snakes.  We usually bring this game with us on vacation in hopes that it will buy Gordy and I a good long time to sit in peace on the porch and enjoy a book (or cocktail) without juvenile interuption.  

It doesn't always work.

On this night, Josie and I took turns making it to the second to last square on the board before falling down the soul-crushing snake to the very bottom.  It was more fun than it sounds.

I think Josie eventually won that game, but since I was bored after 40 minutes of non-stop sliding, I guess you could say her win made me a winner too.

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