Sunday, November 30, 2014

Georgia's 12th Birthday

Georgia turned 12 last week, almost right after her surgery.  (I'll get back to Thanksgiving soon, but I do like my blog to be in order!)  The day started early as all Elliot birthdays do.  Georgia's special day was also a school day for two of the three Elliots (Henry had the week off), so we all had to get up extra early to have time to open presents.  

Georgia was not disappointed.  She got a pair of light-blue high-tops from her Granny and Grandfather:

And a giraffe from her sister:

Gordy and I got her a new jacket:

And her Philadelphia relations gave her a cute pug purse and earrings.

From the Southerns, Georgia got some flute music (which was a big hit, pardon my pun!)

And she also got books, some money, a gift certificate, a cool sweatshirt jacket and some lovely cards.  

Georgia dressed up for school in her birthday finery:

... plus her large ace bandage and her swollen leg.  She chose to leave the crutches and knee immobilizer at home since she only had a half-day at school and Georgia was feeling confident that she could make it through without the help.

Twelve is the year that our kids give up large birthday parties.  When Henry turned twelve, he and I took a birthday trip to Baltimore and Georgia and I are hoping to do a similar excursion but this time to Washington, DC.  There are two flaws in this plan, however.  Free weekends are not exactly easy to find and then there is the nagging fact that Georgia got to take a two-week long trip to Spain last July which is considerably more expensive than a two day trip to Baltimore and maybe that should count as her birthday trip?  We haven't made up our minds on that one, yet.

In any case, Georgia had friends over after school on her birthday - but we made it clear that it was not a party and that her friends shouldn't bring presents.  

Later that evening, we celebrated Georgia again with a birthday meal of her choosing and a cake.

Happy Birthday, Georgia!  Twelve is going to be a wonderful year!

(Flashback twelve years to Georgia, aged only a few weeks:)

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zerry ht said...

She is simply cute and adorable! I loved the way you have celebrated her birthday in such simple and cute way. The cake looks so creamy. I now think not to hire a party planner for my daughter birthday too.

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