Thursday, November 20, 2014

Georgia's Third (& Hopefully Final) Surgery

Today is the day of Georgia's third surgery to correct issues stemming from Amniotic Band Syndrome. 

I meant to write a long post about Amniotic Band Syndrome and our experiences, but I ran out of time. We go to the hospital in a few minutes and Georgia's surgery is at 10:45.  She's in good spirits and doesn't seem too nervous.  I'll post an update when I'm able.  It might be easier for me to post updates on instagram (you can follow me by clicking on the camera symbol on the right).

In the meantime, here are some photos of Georgia before (and after) her last two surgeries.  

The above photo is a of the original Amniotic band before surgery (it's that crease in her ankle)>

And here's a photo of Georgia right after her second surgery when she was six.

By this evening, Georgia will be in another leg immobilizer but this time she won't need a wheelchair (phew!).

Thanks for all your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers.  They've meant a lot to Georgia and to us all.  


Guymons said...

how did it go?

she hasn't changed much since the picture with the black cast. she's so cute/beautiful.

like you, I hope it' the final she can get back to soccer!

enjoy your break, though.

take care!!!

Guymons said...

she has had to have surgery on both legs?

Martha said...

Hello Diane - Yes, she's now had surgery on both legs. Her first surgery was to remove the amniotic band from her ankle on the right leg, the second was to lengthen the muscle and tendon on the right leg so that her heel could reach the floor and this last surgery was to stunt the growth in the left leg so that the right leg could catch up. Hopefully this last surgery will mean Georgia can throw away the lift she wears in all her shoes. I just brought her to school and was shocked to see how unprepared they were to have a child with crutches in their midst! She needs to find a friend to carry her books between classes because they aren't allowed to carry backpacks. It's all so crazy. Oh well!

Guymons said...

crutches at school are really hard! if she gets a hot is she going to fill up and carry her tray? And they will definitely need to allow her a backpack for these crutches days!!!! How long do you think she will be on crutches? And isn't your house two story? Hope you have an elevator (haha). Sorry she has to go through all of this!!! She is tough, though, and she seems strong and happy. Maybe even the time off from sports will do her well in the long run, rest her other muscles, too. She's a good kid, all of your kids are sweet. You are a good mom (and Gordie is a good dad). Sorry you have to go through this too.

Martha said...

Yes, diane! you are so right! crutches are horrible. I wrote more about school today. You'll be able to tell that I was in a particularly bad mood :)

Thanks for the compliments. I definitely needed them today!

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