Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Part One: The Crazies

Georgia went trick or treating with the three other members of her soccer team carpool plus another friend.  They all dressed up as Crazy People.  

What is a Crazy Person costume, you ask?


Yup.  That's crazy.

Georgia and her friends got ready for Halloween right after school at one of the girls' house.  I stopped by on my way back from Josie's cello lesson to take some photos while the sun was still out.

Here's Georgia and K:

and here's the whole gang:

I actually think that pink is a good color for Georgia's hair and I was sad to see it wash down the shower drain later that night.

They were a colorful bunch, that's for sure.  


Tara said...

LOVE the Crazies! My kind of Halloween Costumes. Go Girls! xx

Martha said...

Me too! It was a little too easy... :)

Tara said...

Don't be talkin' Smack about things being a little too easy…too much else that ISN'T easy as we know well!. Take it when you can, with a cocktail and your feet up if at all possible!

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