Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Josie Learns Her Proverbs

I know I spend a great deal of time on this blog moaning about my children's school projects, but today I am writing about an assignment that I really enjoyed.

In fact, I've had a hard time writing this post because every time I look at Josie's paper, I start to laugh.

The assignment was simple:  The teacher gave the students a piece of paper with the first half of well-known proverbs and the students were told to guess what the second half of the proverbs would say. 

If the student managed to get one right, the teacher gave them a C sign and those that he/she got incorrectly, the teacher wrote out the real answer on the top.  This wasn't a task that the teacher expected them to get perfect scores on - I don't think the assignment was graded at all.  The idea was to have a little fun and to be creative.

I'm not sure if the other children had comical guesses, but Josie's answers really cracked me up.

Little Miss Perfect School Attendance filled in the proverb "absence makes ... " with "a bad record."


And I loved the thought that "A journey of a thousand miles... will be long!"  

Who could argue with the logic behind Josie's completion of the proverb "All work and no play...." which she thought should end "... is hard work for a kid"?

That is just so true!

What's the phrase?  Out of the mouths of babes?  

I love it!


Tara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Josie, you are one witty gal! I might have to start using some of those. xx

Irene @ FindAuPair said...

Her modified proverbs are so funny!"Absence makes a bad record" is ma favorite one.

Irene @ FindAuPair said...

my favorite one* - please forgive my mistake

Martha said...

Tara - Yes! There was room for improvement with a few of those :)

Martha said...

Irene -

Mine, too! If only I could get Josie's brother and sister to care so much about a perfect attendance record at school!

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