Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our First Snowfall Of The Year

We had our first snowfall of the year on Friday.  I didn't even know we were expecting a storm until Thursday afternoon when I was congratulated on having put snow tires on my car by the man at the service station who was pumping my gas.  He told me that I would be happy that I had put those snow tires on my car tomorrow after the big storm had hit.

And you can imagine my confusion because - HELLO!  I put snow tires on my car!  - isn't it Murphy's Law that once you go through the hassle of putting snow tires on your car, it doesn't snow all winter!?! 

I thought I was guaranteeing a sunny, dry winter season.

I went home and checked the weather report.

According to, our town was supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow which doesn't sound like a lot, I agree, but it's not a dusting either.

One-three inches of snow implies shoveling and miserable conditions to this non-native New Englander.

Gordy and Georgia were leaving at 5:30am on Friday morning to go to a soccer tournament in Maryland.  They were taking a bus with the rest of Georgia's team, so snowy roads weren't an issue for them.  I, on the other hand, had a whole day of driving ahead of me starting with getting Henry to his van at 6:30am and I wasn't happy with the thought that I'd be doing all that traveling over 3 inches of slippery snow.

I did what I always do in these occasions, I stressed.  And I checked the weather report frequently.

Henry, who after 14 years as a New Englander is an expert in a weather-related matters, assured me that it was too warm for the snow to stick and that my worries that he had neither snow boots nor a winter coat (long, long story) were unfounded and unnecessary. 

But I just haven't learned.  I'm a sucker when it comes to  They said it was going to snow - AND STICK - and so it was going to snow AND STICK.

I should have had faith in my snow tires.  Because sure enough, it barely snowed at all and the snow that we did get stuck only on the grass, plants and trees.  I need to work on controlling my panic reflex when it comes to weather... or at the very least, I need to listen to my son a little more often.

Although I still think he needs snow boots and a winter coat and so those were dutifully ordered on Friday night.  


Guymons said...

don't you know....coats are what kids wear when their mom is cold

Martha said...

Diane - Ha!!! I know that now!

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