Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prepare Yourself For Cuteness

I'm so excited to introduce you all to our new puppy - Pippa Middleton Elliot.  Or maybe I should introduce her by her formal name:  Philippa Charlotte Middleton Elliot  -- Pippa Middleton for short.

Pippa Middleton isn't living at our house yet.  She's only four weeks old and she needs to be with her biological mother for another month, but Gordy, the girls and I had the honor of meeting her when she was three weeks old and then Henry and I went back and spent time with her last weekend when she was four weeks old.

She is so, so adorable and so very sweet.

At her three week old visit, Pippa Middleton was the size of a gerbil.

We all took turns holding and petting her and smelling her sweet puppy smell.

And we all took turns admiring her beautiful mother, Dulce:

The following week, I brought Henry so he would have a chance to meet his new sister and to wallow in her sweet puppy smell.

It was unbelievable how much Pippa Middleton had grown.  

We are thrilled to say the least.

We found the breeder in such a random way.  The girls and I went into a jewelry store in Lexington and there to greet us was the friendliest, quietest shop pug I had very met.  After playing with the pug for awhile and exchanging pug stories, I asked the owner where she got her pug (a little lad named Stanley) and she gave me the name and phone number of this local breeder.

The name and number stayed in my wallet for a year.  We've been dog-less for almost five years and the thought of starting back up again wasn't terribly appealing to me.  But then I mellowed and Gordy got enthusiastic and the children continued their relentless begging and we called the breeder in September. What we thought was going to be an inquiry, ended in the birth of one gorgeous fawn female (and one handsome fawn male) ...

and how could we resist?  Look at this face?

We love this breeder.  He's a hobbyist breeder and our experience with him has been the exact opposite  of what we lived through when we got our last pug puppy, Nancy.  While Nancy's breeder refused to allow us to visit her kennel, Tony has welcomed us to his home as often as we like.  Whereas Nancy came to us fearful and unsocialized, Pippa Middleton is held constantly and loved by everyone who meets her.

That's not to say that we didn't adore our pug, Nancy, because we did.  But if we are going to be honest - and why not be - Nancy had what could commonly be called a "unique personality."  She didn't really like people except Gordy, me and my sister Elizabeth and she pretty much hated children.  And while we found Nancy charming, she wasn't your typical pug.

We always vowed that if we got another puppy, we would only do so from a small, local breeder.  And we would guarantee that the puppy had been properly cared for and socialized.  

We bring Pippa home in December, at which time you will be inundated with photos.  Don't say that I didn't warn you!


Elizabeth said...

She's beautiful! I can't wait to give her a noogie.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

So much adorable! I am looking forward to being inundated with photos! And I couldn't help chuckling over Nancy's "unique personality." She was a Very Special Pug.

Martha said...

Girl! Yes! The next time I see PM, I will give her a noogie and say it is from Auntie

Martha said...

Elisabeth - yes! ha! Remember how Nancy would stop barking just long enough to eat a cookie from your hand and then the second the last bite hit the back of her throat, she'd start barking at you again? Good times! (ha, ha!)

Tara said...

Ooh Puggalicious! Can't wait for more PM updates! Brings back fond memories of Nancy too. Special Girl that she was.

Martha said...

Tara - I'm so excited for a new puppy! I'm in desperate need of some pug luvin'

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