Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Last Few Days

So how did it all go?  Well!  Thank you.  Georgia is three days post surgery and she is walking around -- slowly and awkwardly, but walking nonetheless.  

We left for the hospital around 8 o'clock on Thursday morning.  

And after a series of x-rays and a stack of paperwork, Georgia was given a bed in the pre-op.

At this point, all was still fun and games.  Georgia was in good spirits and she enjoyed exercising full-mobility for a few extra minutes by pretending to kick her father.

One of the doctors noticed that Georgia's birthday is coming up and gave her the world's largest balloon, which was tied to her gurney and followed her down the hall to the operating room.

Georgia decided to get an IV put in while still awake - a decision that she regretted when said IV was being put into her hand.  She further regretted that decision when the anesthesia was administered through the IV and the pressure she felt made her panic.

Our usual sunny child was not present when Georgia woke up in the recovery room.  Just like the last time when she had surgery, Georgia woke from surgery scared, anxious and in considerable pain.  And like last time, pain medicine (morphine and Valium) took awhile to ease her symptoms.

Things didn't improve once we got to her room.  The anesthesia made Georgia vomit multiple times and eventually the doctors had to add an anti-nausea medicine to the mix.  We expected it to be a long night, but Georgia managed to sleep fairly well.  The same could not really be said of Gordy who had to fold himself onto the pull-out couch.  At least they had a private room!

The next morning, Georgia and her giant balloon were released from the hospital.  We brought her home where she collapsed onto the couch.

And posed for photos with my parents:

It's been a roller coaster since then.  The highs included the arrival of some balloons and presents from friends, the lows included severe stomach cramps, exhaustion and one sleepless night (for patient and parents).

Things had improved considerably by Sunday.  Georgia was allowed to put weight on her leg right away.  She's wearing a knee immobilizer at night and will probably wear it to school tomorrow just for protection.  The crutches were abandoned pretty quickly but will also probably make an appearance at middle school since Georgia moves a whole lot faster with some help and she only has four minutes between classes to get where she needs to go.

We are all so glad to have this last surgery behind us.  Thank you so much for all your well-wishes.  

I'll leave you with a photo I took when Josie got home from school on Friday to find that Gordy had returned from the hospital.  

Sweet, no?

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