Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cleaning Up After The Explosion

I'm going to warn you now that this may not be the most interesting event that I've ever blogged about.  

We have an art cupboard in our kitchen which holds such art  supplies as construction paper, colored pencils, markers and glue.  It's where our kids go when they want to draw or build something or when they need a purple crayon to finish a homework assignment.  

It's also the place where they (and I) throw everything remotely "craft" related whenever we're cleaning up.  And that's where this story begins.

Our art cupboard was no longer organized.  There was no way anyone could find anything inside all this mess and just opening the door was a hazard.

Obviously, there had been some sort of explosion, since we couldn't possibly be this messy, right?

Josie and I had some time last week, so we decided to clean out and organize the art cupboard.  

It's actually not that bad of an assignment.  You never know what fun things you are going to find inside the art cupboard.  Take this little gem, for instance:

The real hazard is when you move one piece of the stack and the rest tumbles out behind it.

We probably should have worn safety helmets :)

We threw away a lot of used papers, ripped projects and dry markers.

But we also found tons of perfectly good pencils, glue sticks and rubber bands and we even found a few old school projects that were fun to read and remember.

In the end, we had three bags of trash and recycling and one clear and organized cupboard:

You all are probably not all that thrilled, but rest assured that I am.

It's all about the little joys, people!

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