Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Josie's First Poem Recitation

This past week, Josie had to recite her first memorized poem to her class.  (this is a rite of passage that all fourth graders do at our elementary school)  Josie chose Garlic Breath by Shel Silverstein and she memorized it entirely by herself (a feat that Gordy and I are extremely thankful for).

For extra credit, Josie drew pictures of each line in the poem and used them as visual aides for the people listening.

The night before her big presentation, Josie practiced her performance for Gordy and me.

It's hard to see her drawings since they were mostly done in light pencil, but you can take my word for it that they were creative and funny.

Josie did a great job reciting her poem to her parents, but she said she was nervous about reciting the poem in front of her teacher and classmates.

Public speaking isn't easy.

So how did she do?  Well.  Very well.  On the day of the performance, Josie pulled through her nervousness and did a great job.  She remembered all her lines, kept her pictures in the correct order and said her poem with emotion and enthusiasm.  She got a 16 out of 16 points and her teacher wrote "Bravo!" on the bottom of her critique sheet.

Well done, Josie!!!

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