Thursday, December 11, 2014

Making Lipstick

I need to start this post by telling you that I no longer have a blonde daughter.  Georgia used her birthday money to dye her hair lavender.  

The lavender dye took over the lighter blonde parts of Georgia's hair while leaving the darker bits underneath so now Georgia is more brunette than blonde but more purple-headed than brunette.

It's very pretty, it's fun and most importantly, it's not permanent so I'll have my blonde daughter back in about a month.

I should also tell you that I don't allow my children to wear make-up, even though this post is all about making lipstick.  Georgia watched a you tube video with some teenage girls making lipstick and it looked like fun and she wanted to give it a try.

I thought it sounded like a disaster but being the fair mother that I am, I allowed Georgia to show me the video (knowing that I would say no at the end) and instead of being appalled by the mess and difficulty of the endeavor, I found the video rather interesting and the process of making lipstick intriguing.  I decided to allow the girls to become make-up scientists.

So how do you make lipstick?  You need crayons and some sort of lubricant.  The video used coconut oil, but since we didn't have any coconut oil, we used vaseline which ended up not being a good choice (more on this later).  

You start with peeling the paper off the crayons and breaking them up into mason jars:

And then you fill a pan with about two inches of water and put it on the stove to boil:

Minnie Mouse ears are optional.

Next you add your lubricant - and maybe this is where we went wrong.  Perhaps we could have used MORE vaseline, but instead we added just a small amount.

Next, you put your crayons and vaseline-filled mason jar into the boiling water bath and stir until melted.

Once finished melting, you need to pour the mixture into some sort of container (we used a pill box).  Surprisingly, the melted crayons start hardening quickly, so you need to be quick with this step.

Repeat steps as often as you like.

And then put the pillbox into the freezer for ten minutes to set your lipstick.  

And this, you will notice, is where our photos stop.  We removed our lipstick from the freezer and we had frozen crazyons, not lipstick.  I think using coconut oil would have been smarter or at the very least, we might have needed more vaseline than we had used.  In any case, our results were not the smooth, creamy lip-gloss of the instructional video.  Once we got the colors out of the container, we noticed that they drew wonderfully, just not on our lips.  Whoops.

We're going to try the whole thing again with the proper ingredients in the future.  It was easy and fun and it would be nice if we had success.


Guymons said...

was it hard to clean the pill box and mason jars?

Guymons said...

I couldn't see the numbers in the "prove you are not a robot screen" so I just typed in a bunch of random ones....and my comment still posted

Martha said...

Diane - yes and no. For this particular batch, it was a simple clean-up. We just snapped the hardened crayon out. But we did make another batch with more vaseline and that one was harder to clean.


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