Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Week So Far

This is going to be a short post because I am really preoccupied at the moment.  I have a sleeping pug puppy on my lap and she isn't all that pleased when I move my left hand from supporting her side to type on my keyboard.  We had a busy, busy week.  I finished the redecoration of Georgia's bedroom in time for our Christmas guests to arrive.  I wish I had a "before" photo to show you but the room was really too ugly to photograph.  Consider yourself spared.  When we moved into this house five years ago, each child picked their own room color and I did a quick decoration from there.  Henry got a blue room, Josie chose pink and Georgia chose neon green.  It was a blinding, putrid, neon green and it made you feel nauseous if you stayed in the room too long.  After our ice dams and all the water damage, I had the painter tone down the neon color and while I found the new color more tolerable, Georgia never liked it.  There was endless complaining, but zero funds to do anything about it.  

Fast forward a few years and Georgia was outgrowing her twin bed.  And like I said, we have guests coming and it's hard to ask a full-grown couple to camp out in a twin bed with a pop-up trundle.  Georgia picked a new room color:  tiffany box blue (which I promptly told her was too bold and we toned down two degrees).  I found an inexpensive, full-sized bed on One Kings Lane, we reused an old comforter, pillows we bought for our block island house and never found a spot for, and we used an old bench we had from our old house as a bedside table.  The big purchase for the room was the rug, but I thought it was worth it to have a carpet that actually fit the space.  The marque sign was a total score from Home Goods and I got them to drop the price because one of the lightbulbs was broken.  

I still have more to do in the room.  We had a giraffe photo I took at Disney World a few years ago enlarged but it's still at the framers.  That will go over Georgia's new desk and that blue wall file needs to be attached to the wall.  At some point, I'd like the replace Georgia's bookshelf (which you can't see in these photos) with something lighter and I'd like to add a chair for reading, but that will have to come later.  

I'm still happy with the way it all turned out.  

But that's not the only exciting thing happened this week.  Please welcome... 

Pippa Middleton!

We brought her home on Friday afternoon and we've been falling in love with her ever since.

So far, she's been a great puppy.  She's very friendly and very loving.  She seems thrilled to see each one of us whenever we enter the room.  We're moving slowly, as far as introducing her to the house.  She mainly lives in our kitchen but she's spent time in the family room and in the basement playroom.  For the time being, we have her sleeping in a crate in our room at night, but it's our eventual plan to let her sleep in the kids rooms with them. 

She's teething like mad and she's learning to use the outside toilet.

The kids are in love, Gordy and I are in love... it's been a great transition.

I'm a little nervous about being on my own with her on Monday, but she and I will get into a routine quickly, I'm sure.  

And the kids will be able to help once they are home from school.  

One really fun thing that happened is that I posted a photo of Josie holding Pippa Middleton on my instagram feed and it got picked up by Pugs of Instagram and it got over 26,000 likes!  

Pippa Middleton Elliot is famous!

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

I'm totally in love too! She's GORGEOUS! I am looking forward to many fine photos.

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