Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pippa Middleton

I warned you to expect a Pippa Middleton photo over-load.

We had a busy but enjoyable weekend getting to know our new puppy and helping her get to know us,

I wouldn't say that we have a routine yet.  The good thing about getting a puppy on a Friday night is that you have two full weekend days to devote to her care, the bad news is that a weekend is not a typical day and its hard to know how life will change when you get back to your "real life."

One of the many reasons we waited five years between dogs is that we are really busy and I just couldn't envision how we'd fit taking care of a dog into our crazy schedule.  

But this weekend was fun and Pippa is sweet and easy to love and I'm sure we'll do great.

Pippa is already a fan of our yard - she happily struts about amongst the hibernating plants and dormant grass.

She is also a big fan of the houseguest - both of the girls invited friends over to meet the new puppy and Pippa greeted them both with enthusiasm.

She's definitely teething.  Nothing is safe from puppy canines at our house.  Her favorite chew toys are a nubby puppy nyla bone and Henry's timberland boots.

It is our plan to keep Pippa off most of our furniture but Gordy broke the rule on Sunday while "watching" Pippa while also watching a football game on tv.  Pippa fell asleep on Gordy's lap and he figured she wouldn't remember that she spent her nap on the sofa when she woke up.  And his back was hurting him on the floor.

She was pretty out of it, so he's probably right.

I brought Pippa to the vet this morning and she weighs in at a pitiful 3lbs 10oz and the doctor wants her to start eating more.  We'll have to find another kibble because she hasn't shown any interest in the kibble we have now (which was given to us by the breeder, oh well.)

The adventure has begun.


Elisabeth Ellington said...

I am entirely obsessed with Pippa! the photo of her napping on Gordy is hilarious.

Martha said...

Isn't that funny!!!?!? She's a real cutie - so far she's friendly to people but she barked at the other dogs at the vet. Hopefully we can get her dog-socialized soon!

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