Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving in Harwich

Happy Thanksgiving from the beach!  

We spent our Thanksgiving with Gordy's parents at their house on Cape Cod.  It was freezing cold, windy and snowy, but we managed to get to the beach anyway.  

Josie even made a friend:

The night before Thanksgiving, it snowed about three inches in the town where we live north of Boston.  We left our house thinking that we'd be driving through sludge for the entire trip south, but there wasn't any snow on the Cape at all.  It rained Thanksgiving day and then it snowed/rained the next day.  It might have been freezing cold and perhaps not the most classic "beach day" but we could at least say the weather was better than at home!

With the exception of two wintery walks, we mostly stayed inside....

which was a ton of fun.

Georgia and Josie helped Grandma cook the Thanksgiving dinner.  They pretended that they were in an episode of the tv show Chopped and had a grand time chopping, stirring, mixing and making general mayhem.

When the dinner was ready to be served, Gordy helped carve the turkey.

and then we sat down to a delicious dinner.

The next morning, we left Grandpa and Georgia at home while the rest of us took a lovely walk to a lighthouse - well, it would have been a lovely walk had the winds not been so crazy strong and the snow had not been so blinding and wet.  Perhaps it wasn't our best idea.

I didn't get any photos.

We also took a trip to Chatham to do a little shopping during the Black Friday sales.  This excursion was much enjoyable.

I didn't get any photos of this either.

Later that day, David lent me a lens for my camera that GREATLY improved the problem I have been having taking indoor photos with my ancient camera.  I played around with the lens for awhile, taking indoor portraits of the girls:

Thanks again, David!!!

And thanks for such a fun Thanksgiving.

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