Friday, January 30, 2015

An End of The Month Summary

Blogging is (currently) not as easy as it used to be.  Having a puppy in the house is a huge time-suck.  I've resorted to bully-stick-bribes just to sit down in front of my computer for a few minutes.  Luckily for Pippa, I'm not above bribing tiny pug dogs in order to get some me time.

It had been my plan to write a blog post about how fast the month of January went by, but then we were hit by the blizzard and the kids had two snow days in a row followed by a dreaded early-release day and then this morning, it started snowing again and suddenly the month seems to be crawling, slowly and painfully to it's end.  

Bad weather does that to me.  Most people just embrace the slow-motion caused by inclement weather, but even after sixteen years in New England, I still have a hard time being one of those people who finds beauty in three feet of snow.  I am forever trying to get winter to speed up.  Or at very least, keep a brisk pace.

Perhaps it's seasonal disorder, but things seem gloomier around here.  Teenage angst and pre-teen moodiness have reared their ugly heads and the nine year old spent two hours last night stressing over a loose tooth.  The bickering has reached an all-time high and I'm pretty sure that our children have forgotten that they ever got along.

I have a few deadlines hanging ominously over my head.  Both Henry and Georgia are going to camp this summer (separately - see the above paragraph starting with seasonal disorder)  and I have to finish up their applications and medical forms.  Each camp requires about 20 pages of answered questions, medical records and travel documents.  Josie is also going to camp this summer, but it's a day camp whose only requirement was a valid credit card.

I spent an hour on hold with the Post Office this morning, trying to figure out why we haven't gotten mail for three days.  I finally gave up and just called my next-door neighbor to see if she had gotten mail either.  I was worried it was personal.

Things are not all gloom and doom, luckily.  I shopped for our family super bowl party today - we are doing heavy appetizers and dessert.  Yum.  I'm looking forward to a good day of pigging out (and watching football, I guess).

And Meredith sent me the following photo of a young Lily and Avery at the Florida resort we are going to over spring break:

Ahh.  So cute.  And so warm looking!

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Guymons said...

the only document needed is a valid credit card...hahaaaaa

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