Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas! Part Two

Our Christmas Eve celebrations always start off with a photo shoot.  "All The Cousins" is a favorite pose, although I'm pretty certain that no one told Owen.

Taking photos with fans was not part of his contract.  

We did learn that Owen is good at getting out of tight grips.

I said all the important things about these photos in my last post, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

I will tell you that Josie wasn't too pleased when Georgia got to hold Pippa Middleton for an Elliot Child Photo.  But maybe you could have figured that out for yourself:

I appeased Josie by allowing her a chance to hold Pippa, too:

This is what happens when you get teenagers together:

Relax - it's still just sparkling apple juice.

The evening was fun and exhausting.  Owen went to sleep by seven and Pippa Middleton was conked out a few minutes later.

And that was our Christmas - only one week late!  Not too bad!

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