Thursday, January 8, 2015

Henry Hockey - Bantam As

I don't get to too many of Henry's hockey games anymore.  Now that he's a second year Bantam player, most of his games are at 9pm and that's past Josie's bedtime.  One of us has to stay home with sleeping Josie and since Gordy is an assistant coach of Henry's team, that home-bound person is usually me.  Over the holiday break, Henry did have an earlier game and I was able to leave the girls at home.  

Henry's team has lost a few players to the high school team.  It's not an official rule, but most high school coaches don't allow their players to play for the town team as well.  It's something to do with being tired, but it should be noted that almost every player on the high school team is on a club team as well.  The high school players will be able to come back to the team for the state tournament games, so that's good.  Henry doesn't have a hockey team at his high school - it's the schools only fault.  

We are already starting to talk about Henry's hockey plans for next year.  He could try out for a club team or he could play a shortened season for town (the next level up plays only a two month season).  Henry has been expressing some interest in trying basketball at his high school (they have three teams, so his lack of experience won't be a huge issue) but we're not sure if he's completely serious.

If Henry plays basketball, then the one-third season of hockey will be fine.  If he doesn't play basketball, we'll have to find him something else so he isn't bored out of his mind.

We're working on it.

We are also working on summer camps and summer plans, which seems incredibly odd considering that it's freezing here and there's six more months of school.

Henry gets out of school almost a month before his sisters do and he wants to do another camp during that time between getting out of school and waiting for his friends from our town to get out of school.

He usually does a hockey camp at the end of the summer, too.  But we can play that one by ear.

Summer hockey camps don't fill up that quickly around here.

It seems odd to think that after all these years, Henry's hockey career could be reaching an end.  When we chose Henry's high school, we chose the right fit for him academically and we figured the lack of hockey team wouldn't be an issue.  

But it has been an issue, I suppose.  Henry would like to continue hockey and he'd like to play for his school.  

Oh well, it will all work out.  

And I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

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Guymons said...

great photos....the two teams uniforms/colors are too that was confusing.

glad you got to go watch/cheer/photograph

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