Thursday, January 22, 2015

Josephine Plays Hockey

Josie has been playing hockey four times a week since September, although you'd never know it from reading my blog.  I've been bad about taking hockey photos of Josie - there's no reason, I just prefer watching the games to photographing them.  This past weekend, though, I brought my camera to her game.

I also brought Josie's friend, Eva.

Hello Eva.

It wasn't the most exciting game.  Josie's team won 3-0 and they played very well.

Last weekend's game was more exciting, so I will tell you about that instead.

Josie plays defense and as a defensive player, there aren't too many chances to score.

But at the end of the game, her team was losing 1-2 and her coach pulled their goalie so they could get more players on the ice.  The coach also told the two defensive players (Josie and another girl) not to bother to defend their own net, but to skate to the opposite team's net and aid the offensive players in tying up the game.

Which is why Josie was in front of the net in the last two seconds of the game and it was why when she was passed the puck, Josie was able to score her first goal of the season, at the literal last second of the game.

It was very, very exciting.  Especially when all her teammates escorted her off the ice, shouting "Josie!  Josie!  Josie!"  

Josie will remember being the hero for a long, long time, I'm sure.

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Guymons said...

AWESOME! So exciting. Thrilling for her and you! Glad you were there!

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