Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Latest Hobby

I have a new hobby.

This past fall, I took a sewing class and while the class itself left a lot to be desired, I fell in love with the sewing.  So far, I've only made pillows but because of the invisible zipper, pillows are harder than they seem.

After my class was over, I bought a sewing machine and I set aside each Thursday morning for practice.

I got fairly good at putting in invisible zippers (the tricky part is making sure that they stay invisible) but   I still had problems and questions, so I did some internet research and found out that all this time there was something called an Invisible Zipper Foot I could have been using.

I know it's always a good thing to learn how to do things without using tricks and shortcuts, but in this case -- SHORTCUT HERE I COME!

I bought that zipper foot as fast as Amazon Prime would let me.

Life  is so much easier with that Invisible Zipper Foot.

And I am really enjoying the sewing.  I've been busy pinning ideas for more creative pillows on my pinterest board, but there are still some more things I want to learn before I start creating any original design.  For instance, I want to learn how to make and attach piping and I'm interested in working with trims and tassles.  

Before Christmas, I was moving along at a fast clip, but the arrival of the puppy has slowed things down for me.  

Yesterday was the first day I took out my sewing things since December.  Pippa Middleton was asleep in her bed for the first hour and a half.  I cut out my pattern I ironed, I pinned and I sewed the first zipper pass... and then she woke up from her morning nap.  

And then the view from my work area changed:

It's not so easy to sew with a pug on your lap.  

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