Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pippa's Playdate

We've been working hard to keep Pippa from turning into one of those neurotic, yippy dogs who barks whenever faced with a new situation.  She's great with people who come to our house and she was great with my sister's dog, Dorothy at Christmas time, but we realize that she needs to be further socialized with other dogs.  The problem is that our town doesn't have a dog park - and even if it did, January in Massachusetts is way too cold for a young puppy to spend extended time outside.  

Luckily for us, we have a few friends with puppies or small dogs, so we're hoping to have a series of Puppy Playdates in our basement to get Pippa accustomed to the company of other dogs.  Josie's friend Eva and her French Bulldog, Maurice were our first invitees.

Pippa Loved Maurice.  And Maurice seemed to love Pippa.  Within seconds, the dogs were zooming around our basement, playing with toys and chasing each other.

Maurice was a great choice for a first playdate, since he was gentle but enthusiastic and he was up for a good run.

We didn't catch them doing it, but I'm sure that Pippa Middleton and Maurice exchanged cell phone numbers and are now following each other on instagram.

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