Monday, January 26, 2015

Storm Prep

We are preparing for the arrival of a massive blizzard here in Massachusetts.  It wouldn't be winter without at least one Snowmageddon.  

I had a busy day planned today - I had to stock up on food, flashlights and batteries.  I was planning to go to pilates and then head into Boston to have lunch with Gordy and his parents and then my afternoon would be spent taking Josie to hockey practice.

But I forgot about what happens on the day before three feet of snow gets dumped on our town.  

The grocery stores (I had to get to two) had waiting lines to get into the parking lots and people were fighting over carts, supplies and places in the check out line.  Henry's school announced that it was letting the students out two hours early which is problematic when you remember that he takes a van home from school and the driver isn't necessarily able to come two hours early.  It took more than a few emails to determine that someone was getting my son home from school.

I was forced to cancel my trip to Boston, but that ended up being a smart thing considering it took me almost three hours to get all the food we would need if the power goes out and the streets become impassable.

I have all the electronics plugged in and ready to go.  I have a few battery-powered lanterns and flashlights and I even bought some random fire logs in case we are without heat at any point.  


I'm really not a fan of winter.

And I don't think blizzards are cozy.  Maybe I would if we had a generator, but probably not even then.

I'm really looking forward to the spring break Henry and I are taking with Meredith and Avery in March.  I can not wait to feel warm!

I have a few blog posts waiting to be written, so if the power stays on, I will try to get them finished tomorrow (schools are already cancelled).  Please check back.


Elizabeth said...

Hmpf. That's okay, Owen and I don't like hot weather, so no need to invite us. Oh wait, you didn't!

Angie said...

Hunker down and stay safe. I haven't seen that much snow ever!

Guymons said...

would it make you mad to say that it was 81 degrees at Andrew's basketball tournament Saturday

Guymons said...

How are you today? How's the storm????

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