Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Take Owen To Skyline Park

Owen isn't old enough to come skating yet, so he got a special Massachusetts outing of his own:  a trip to the famous Skyline Playground in Arlington.

Skyline is famous for it's two enormous slides that are carved into the hillside.

Owen tried the slide out (holding his mother's hand) and judging by the big smiles, I'd say that he liked it!

He also tried out the bumpy slide, the swings, the play structure with all it's bridges and multiple ladders.

It was a freezing cold afternoon, but Owen didn't seem to mind.  A good playground is not to be wasted just because of a cold breeze.

Josie came along, too, since she appreciates a good playground just as much as her cousin.  

And thank goodness she did, since none of the adults wanted to go up and over those bridges 100 times!  

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