Monday, January 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To Lately

Things have been slow around here - well, blog-slow, that is.  We're as busy as ever.  This past weekend was Gordy's annual Football Playoff Weekend with his friends.  They went to Milwaukee this year and watched a Packer's Game.  And while Gordy was gone, we did fun things like go to hockey games, work on Freshman English papers, the girls and I went to see the movie "Annie" (we liked it!) and we played with Pippa Middleton.

Georgia and Josie also did a lot of practicing.

But we did our share of relaxing.

And xbox playing.

There was also much interaction with Pippa Middleton, who seems to need a whole lot of exercise - indoors, since it was in the teens and single digits all weekend.

Pippa didn't seem to mind being cooped up in doors.  There were lots of pug kisses to go around.  

Can you tell that we are all loving our puppy?

Having a puppy is just as much work as I remember it being, but it is so much easier this time around.  Gordy and I are older, so there's that.  And we've raised dogs before AND more importantly, we've taken care of babies and children now and so caring for a dog seems fairly simple, in comparison.

We've also been very impressed with how much the children have been helping.  I've yet to hear anyone complain about having to play with Pippa, or having to take her out frequently.  It's been a complete joy.

Pippa is doing well with the house training - she's not perfect yet and she doesn't have the full run of the house, but she's doing well.  We tried to introduce her to a puppy friend, but sadly the play date fell through.  

I've been posting frequently on Instagram, so be sure to stop by there (click on the camera link to the right) for more frequent updates.  

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

That is one photogenic pug!

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