Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Pippa Middleton Update

Although the rest of you might be tired of seeing pug pictures, my sister Elizabeth recently told me that she has not seen enough. 

She will not feel that way after reading this post.

Since bringing Pippa Middleton home from the breeders, she has endured three baths.  

She's not overly fond of the water, but oh!  does she love the towel-dry.

She is still a little more bite-y than we would like.

The biting is more playful and teething in nature and never out of anger, but it's annoying nonetheless.

I managed to snap a picture of Georgia getting a cheek-bite from Pippa:

Pippa loves the children, but she's not terribly fond of being held during playtime.  She seems to have no idea that pugs can't fly and you have to hold her tightly when she starts to squirm.

She's a happy little pug puppy.

We haven't really figured out what she likes to play with yet.  She seems to like a socked foot the best, but since that game always ends with harsh words and a scolding, she will eventually opt for ball or a heart-shaped nyla bone we bought her.  A friend suggested that we tie a stuffed animal to a long string and that was a huge success.  Gordy calls it Pippa's Yak Yoyo.

Pippa Middleton loves the game "Four Feet and a Mouth" and the girls taught her to sing.  She'll howl along with them as they sing and the other day, immediately after Josie had finished a loud rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, Pippa Middleton immediately added "Whoo Whoo Whoo."

It was adorable.


Elisabeth Ellington said...

I'm with Elizabeth: there can never be too many Pippa Middleton pix! I am not satisfied even now after reading this post. My mom and I were just talking this morning about how beautiful Pippa is--possibly the most beautiful pug puppy EVER.

Martha said...

I'm glad people other than my relatives are okay with seeing Pippa pictures! She is such a muffin and I take WAY too many photos!

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